Nonsurgical solutions for knee, hip, wrist and shoulder pain

While Dr. Bruce Perry is renowned for his advanced surgical care, he will recommend surgery only if necessary and appropriate. A simple problem may have a very simple, non-invasive solution, so we always consider that first.

The traditional nonsurgical treatment options we offer include:

Casting, bracing and taping: These therapies can be used to stabilize fractured or injured bones, muscles and joints and give them time to heal. If you have had a sports injury, we may get you back into practice or the game with a brace or tape during the healing process.

Physical therapy: When appropriate, Dr. Perry will recommend physical therapy as the most conservative treatment for your pain and provide direction to your therapist so you get the maximum benefit.

Injections: Injected medication can be used to reduce inflammation and/or pain and help the body heal naturally. For some injuries, a single injection or series of injections may be all you need for permanent relief.

If you believe you may need surgery to correct your injury or problem, learn more about our advanced surgical solutions.